About Us

Who We Are

As regular collaborators in the design, manufacture and retail of licensed merchandise, we are three companies - Pogo Group, Poetic Brands, Fanela - used to working closely together to supply major high street retailers and grocers, as well as selling directly online.

Designing a range of clothing and accessories to sell online, printing and shipping from our UK factory we can hopefully give something back through The Light fund and in memory of Kelvyn Gardner. All products are printed in the UK with low waste printing technology. Made in an ethically run factory audited for a wide range of social and sustainability criteria.

Each business involved operates and adheres to strict ethical policies, with a sustainable and responsible approach to everything we all do, from sourcing to manufacture and delivery. With strong reputations throughout the licensed retail industry, we are all 100% compliant with the highest standards and requirements, with high levels of accreditation.

All products are printed in the UK with low waste printing technology. All garments are sourced in ethically run factories audited for a wide range of social and sustainable criteria. 

Pogo Group

We are a fast-reaction, online retailer of licensed apparel and merchandise, operating through a worldwide network of print-on-demand production partners. Put simply, we sell licensed products all around the world, only printing an item once it has been purchased by the end consumer.

Delivering as quickly as traditional stock dropshippers, this model offers an incredibly versatile and reactive solution, with no stock or wastage to manage.

As well as full end-to-end e-commerce solutions for clients, we also offer white-label solutions to larger retailer clients, allowing them to leverage our network of licenses and production in ways their traditional stock-based models would never allow.


Poetic Brands

A key player in licensed adult apparel, Poetic Brands have extensive sourcing and manufacturing capabilities, with in-country offices all over the world. Our extensive portfolio of major licenses and a first class client roster are a perfect match.

Coupled with our zero tolerance on non-compliance, we are also committed and focused to looking at sustainability and how we can encompass this into product throughout its life cycle.



We're known in the printing and decoration industry as 'the friendly professionals' and we work hard at maintaining that reputation. We have a wide-ranging client base, from small firms to major international retailers.

Ready to advise and guide clients through the maze of what's available on the market, our team are here to help in any way we can, no matter your print or embroidery requirements.